'Get Ready Kern' | Helping your pet after a disaster


Successfully helping your family through a disaster also includes taking care of four-legged family members.

Nick Cullen, the director of Kern County Animal Services, said he recommends pet owners take precaution to keep their animals safe.

Cullen said having items your pet may need beforehand is crucial.

"Preparation is key," Cullen said, "if your animal has medication, make sure you have enough medication to get by between three and seven days because you might have to evacuate at the drop of a hat."

Megin Hughes of the American Red Cross also said to treat disaster preparation for your pet, the same as would for yourself.

"Make sure you have enough food and water...when you’re planning for your family, plan for your pets as well," she said while motioning to her disaster backpack full of supplies.

Cullen also recommended pets have clear identification in case they go missing after a disaster.

He said, "A microchip can save your animals life."

While people often head to shelters after a disaster, pets usually aren't allowed inside.

To accommodate those animals, Kern County Animal Services has a brand-new pet version for your four-legged friend, gifted to them by the Kern County Fire Department.

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